DAY THREE: Developing a rule of life

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I have made it through the first chapter of the book I am reading. And I have come across some great quotes and points.

“As C S Lewis’s spiritual director would often remind him, “Look after the roots and the fruits will look after themselves.” (from “Crafting a Rule of Life: An Invitation to the Well-Ordered Way” by Stephen A. Macchia, Mark Buchanan)

This is very much the reason why it is so important to get the roots right in our life.

I was speaking to a good friend of mine last week, and she said how important it was to develop regular times each day where you stop and focus on the LORD. At the time I said that I agreed, but as long as you do stop it doesn’t matter whether you have set times or not. The truth is you have got to find what works.

For me, I actually need the set times. Otherwise, I allow the busyness of life to distract me.

So my goal for this next 7 days is to find the times that work for me. To take time to read the word, pray and listen.

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