We have relationships and partnerships with other Christians in different parts of the world.

Our overseas links are important to us and our vision is worldwide. We partner with churches in various countries in various ways – financially, sending teams, helping with social action projects.


John & Sue Gasston

John and Sue are a part of our church family. They attend our Ross site when they are in the UK. They live and work in a missions work in Uganda. For more information and details of ways you can support John and Sue click  here

Bank details
To give to their projects  – Barclays bank  Equipe Uganda Ross 20-20-46  23530825
To support John & Sue    – Barclays bank  Mr J and Mrs S Gasston  20-39-64  50636681

Thank you so much for your support.


Sal da Terra Church, Uberlandia

Christian Life Church have relationship with this church in Uberlandia, Brazil. The church have sent families to us over the years to stay for a period of about 2 years. The families have lived and worked with us and become part of our church ‘family’.



The Heart of a Child foundation in Galati, Romania supports street children and other needy children with, among other things,  education and food.  We have had relationship with them for a number of years, supporting finacially and sending small teams.

Visit their website: https://inimadecopil.ro/  and their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/inimadecopilgalati

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